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Teacher. Psychic. Guide. Healer. Naturopath. Holistic Health Coach.


Meet Siobhan

Hello! My name is Siobhan McManus.

I teach, guide, heal, coach, empower and transform your life...

Through the intensive training received from healers and teachers all over the world over the last ten years (i.e. the United States, Poland, Slovakia, Ireland and Monaco).

have worked with clients from all over the world (US, Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa) as a holistic health and energy consultant to help them heal and release their own unique disconnection and stress so that they can experience transformation their lives.


About the Connected Angel...

The name, The Connected Angel is a sentiment to both my clients and teachers; I connect, heal and am guided by divine sources. 

Through how I work with my clients and the energy I bring to my sessions, I feel this is why they call me their angel or guardian angel.

I have had teachers and mentors over the years who have taken the time to help me grow as a healer and have also said my energetic expression is angelic. an archangel or that my roots are angelically based. 

Either way, when I am connected, I seek guidance or healing from the angels or God. From my own personal experience, I know this is the most powerful and purest source of healing energy. ​

How I work...

Through using my unique, intuitive gifts and ability to connect to divine sources of energy and utilising different healing techniques to find and release the root cause of disconnection and stress in different areas of your life, (e.g. theta, tapping, dowsing, prayer, visualisation). 

You are welcome to book a free consultation here to discuss your needs and goals and if I can help you.

Who I have helped...

For the last 9 years , I have helped directly, as a consultant to other healers and during training; 

Entertainers, politicians, animals, athletes, teachers, other healers, CEO’s and children overcome debilitating and life-threatening diseases, sports injuries, etc.

I have also helped those who have had relationship, financial, business and couples with fertility issues, even when IVF treatments have been unsuccessful, people with chronic illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, lyme disease, cancer and heart disease. ​

I have helped many people from all walks of life from situations or circumstances in which they have felt helpless, powerless or afraid, transform their lives heal and reconnect to their true selves. 

A session with me...

Your 50-minute session is tailored around your needs and goals. In person sessions are held in my wellness kitchen with herbal tea, filtered water, fresh organic fruit or snacks available. Online sessions are held via Zoom, Phone, Skype, or WhatsApp. We will discuss your current lifestyle and the current limits and stress you are experiencing. Some sessions may be more focused on your physical needs (i.e. coaching, nutrition, movement), where others may be more focused on energy healing and teaching you tools so you can test the energetic root cause of your physical stress and how to release it. If in person, you can enjoy two complimentary healing treatments to further support your health and healing. 

After our session, I will follow up with notes from our session and suggestions to help support you on your transformation journey. 

Synergistic healing to support your body's innate healing abilities...

I strongly believe in synergistic healing. If your session is in person, you will have the option to enjoy the following complimentary treatments:  

Bemer (PEMF)

Full-spectrum infrared sauna


Medical grade chromotherapy 

Advanced full-length NIR+LED therapy

NLS health analysis 

 Bioresonance healing therapy

These were carefully chosen for their ability to support the body's natural healing and detoxification process, ensuring your body, mind and spirit are taken care of so that you can truly transform your life.

Disclaimer: Neither I or anything on this website, attempt, insinuate or imply any intend to treat, diagnose or deliver medical advice. I work alongside health professionals and will always leave you to make your own decisions and cannot make any guarantees, promises or be held responsible for specific outcomes.

Always seek advice from your GP, Doctor or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment or before using any of the treatments available here.


S.M. CEO & Coach, FL

Siobhan has literally saved my life on more than one occasion. Her unique skillset and ability to see, and feel things a level very few healers can. Her abilities as an angelic visionary and healer has been invaluable as a consultant to my clients and team and my family, even my dogs and farm animals, helping them heal from their pain, injuries, diseases, trauma and issues with business. 

Siobhan is truly God's gift to the world. 

I've said it before but I truly feel she will become a household name in the healing community. 

I trust her energetic eyes and have always said she is the greatest healer on the planet, it is a pleasure and a privilege to have met her and mentor her and would recommend her (and have) to anyone that wishes to transform their existence! 

C.C Anaesthetist, ZR

Before meeting Siobhan, I struggled

with habitual patterns that I've

tried to overcome countless times, but no matter how hard I tried, I always fell back into them. 

From our very first session, Siobhan impressed me with her ability to listen closely and analyse accurately. Through her coaching I was able to get a deep understanding of myself and why I wasn’t able to reach my goals. Since then, with Siobhan’s help and guidance, I have been finally able to break through old patterns and grow into the right direction. I feel mentally and physically the healthiest, strongest and overall happiest I’ve ever been. I am incredibly thankful for her constant support and giving me the strength to change my life!”

T.W CCO & Marketing, VA

 Sometimes in life you meet people who have a positive impact on you, some who change your life and then some people who truly transform your life. 

Working with Siobhan has by far been one of the most transformational experiences of my life over the years. She has a wide variety of expertise , and knows how to move, shift and change energy like nobody I have ever met. Her guidance on any and all issues I have turns out to be spot on time and time again.

There was a time when I may have been skeptical about this kind of work, but results rule, and her results have blown my mind away time and time again. I go to Siobhan for any physical, mental , emotional or even spiritual challenge I face, and she never fails.

I call Siobhan my guardian angel because I always feel she is looking out for me and my family. 



6-Week Connected Self Development Program

Everything is energy and everything is connected or disconnected. Learn how to test, elevate and transform your energy, the people around you, your environment, even your business and animals, allowing you to reconnect and remove what is causing you disharmony or stress in your existence. 

Each module will contain: 

- Video and written tutorials with practical applications to life 

- Self-assessment and supporting materials 

- Lifetime access and free access to any updates of any module purchased

£2499 or £299 per module (waitlist offer)

Connected Energy Reprogramming Statements
+ Healing Prayers

Healing Prayers are personally written for you. The prayers are created to be accessible to all faiths.


My personal connection is through God and the angels.

Energy Reprogram Statements are written for you to release and reprogram negative internal belief systems or stories. 


Designed to address your issue, release it, empower you and reconnect to your divine self. 


Custom healing prayer: £22

Energy release statement: £33

Connected Healing + Sauna, PEMF, LED, Halotherapy

Health coaching, energy healing and readings during your 50min session, via Zoom or in person, with email or text support if you have any questions for 7 days following a session.

In person, you can choose two of the following complimentary treatments: 

 Full-Spectrum infrared sauna, 

Halotherapy (salt therapy)

Bemer therapy (PEMF)

 Medical-Grade LED therapy

To help support your bodies natural ability to heal and reduce physiological stress.

£249 per session

First Session: £125

Connected Business Productivity and Energy Analysis

Productivity in business is integral for success and profit. Sometimes, the reason for profit loss or stagnation is beyond the physical.

Finding the disconnection within the energy of the organisation from the business, employees to the environment, this unexplored territory is known as the "secret weapon" for businesses to utilise energy to create a bigger impact, happier employees and more success.


Sometimes it is hard to gauge whether someone is going to be an asset to your business from an interview alone.


My energy analysis allow you to have a deeper insight into a potential candidate, allowing you to make a more informed decision and hire the best people for your business.




Connect With Me

Siobhan McManus


N11, London

Tel: +44 7388185933


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