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Teacher. Psychic. Guide. Healer. Naturopath. Bioenergetics.


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A holistically integrated, 360  root-cause focused approach to release your unique stress and transform your existence.  

About The Connected Angel

Meet Siobhan

Meet Siobhan

Who am I?

I am someone who passionately believes that we are our own greatest healers when we are connected to divine sources of energy.

As a multi-sensory healer, I can offer a unique perspective on revealing the root causes of the stress that have manifested physically and teach you how to overcome 

After spending the last 10+ years training intensively with different healers from around the world (Slovakia, Poland, Monaco, Italy, Ireland, United States), co-hosting energy coaching and healing seminars in Europe and the US, studying psychology, naturopathic nutrition and holistic health coaching, I have integrated all I have learnt to offer a service that looks at where the root causes of your stress or imbalances stem from, in all areas of your existence. I then work with you to release stress and restore balance and harmony.

How can I help you? 

Using my expansive skillset as a connected healer, multi-sensory psychic, naturopathic nutritionist and health coach, along with my background in psycholgy, I can help you navigate the root cause of your unique stress.

I use different energy healing modalities (e.g. theta, tapping, dowsing, prayer, visualisation). I adjust and adapt my healing to your needs. Just as we all have unique dietary needs, we also receive healing in different ways. 

Whether it's physical (injury, illness or disease), emotional (anxiety, depression, anger), spiritual (feeling disconnected, or feel it's energetic), worldly (business, financial, relationships) or a bit of everything, I will guide you through your healing and growth journey, empowering you through teaching you healing tools that you can use along the way. 


A session with me...

Your 50-minute session, is tailored to the individual needs and goals discussed in our consultation. A 360-degree approach that looks at all areas of imbalance and root causes.

Some sessions may be focused on your physical imbalances (e.g. coaching, nutrition, movement) or focused on energy healing and teaching you tools to help you release the energetic root causes of your stress. 

Our sessions can take place remotely via Zoom, Skype, Phone, Telegram or in person. 

In person sessions are held in my wellness kitchen, with herbal tea, filtered water, with the option of complimentary use of the Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna or LED Therapy Off street parking is also available. 


Bridging the gap between energetic and physical healing... 


Sometimes, our body needs extra support during healing and at times, we may respond better to tangible, physical tools that we can touch and feel. I have carefully chosen the following tools or their ability to support the body's natural healing and detoxification processes and enhancing your body's innate self-healing capabilities; 

Bemer PEMF

Uses pulsed electromagetic waves to enhance blood flow and increase microcirculation (which can help with nutrient uptake and waste disposal)


Clearlight Full-spectrum infrared sauna with medical grade chromotherapy 

Can help with detoxifcation, weight loss, stress, pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, immune issues and more...


Halotherapy (microsalt inhalation)

Can help reduce inflammation, mucus, bacteria and allergies in the respiratory system, cycstic fribrosis, asthmas, sinusitis, skin issues, immunity, hay fever and more...

BioMax Advanced full-length Red LED therapy with Near Infrared Wavelengths

Can help boost immunity, mitochondria, pain relief, skin issues, hair loss, activates stem cells, etc.


Bioenergetic health analysis scanner 

A fully comprehensive analysis using advanced biofeedback software to scan the frequencies of all organs and systems of the human body, including allergens, pathogens, parasites, heavy metals, meridians, chakras, and more...


 Bioresonance healing frequencies

Our bodies respond to healing frequencies and each cell and component in our bodies vibrates at a certain frequency. Bioresonance Frequencies send healing vibrations to help restore balance and harmony to otherwise lower energy cells and organs.


Naturopathic Nutrition

Nutritional therapy can be a powerful healing too, when we address our physical sympstoms holistically. By reducing inflammation and physical stress, whilst working on rebuilding and healing through nourishing foods and addressing imbalances, we allow our bodies to heal.    


A phenomenal


S.E. Herbalist, CAM

...I was knocked over by a bus and suffering with a lot of foot and neck pain. I could not turn my head left due to pain in my neck, and putting weight on my foot had become quite difficult too. A couple of weeks after the indicent, Siobhan did some distance energy healing on me. Within about ten minutes of starting, 

I noticed a much larger range of motion in my neck, with a slight twinge. She carried on working on my neck and after I felt a huge pressure build up in my head and release,

I was able to move my head in all directions with no pain at all. She then moved onto my foot, which had felt very 'crunchy' over the course of the session but the pain gradually subsided.

I had a flare up of pain in an old surgery site, which she explained could be due to old trauma. This pain also subsided and I have full motion in my foot again. I didn't really know what energy healing was before this session, but I'm converted and I highly recommend Siobhan for her professionalism, skill and empathy throughout!



Healing Tools for physical support.

Coming Soon. 

Connected Energy Reprogramming Statements
+ Healing Prayers

Healing Prayers are personally written for you. The prayers are created to be accessible to all faiths.


My personal connection is through God and the angels.

Energy Reprogram Statements are written for you to release and reprogram negative internal belief systems or stories. 


Designed to address your issue, release it, empower you and reconnect to your divine self. 


Custom healing prayer: £22

Energy reprogramming statement: £33

Connected Healing, Nutritional Therapy + Guidance Session

Health coaching, energy healing and readings during your 50min session, via Zoom or in person, with email or text support if you have any questions for 7 days following a session.

In person, you can choose two of the following complimentary treatments: 

 Full-Spectrum infrared sauna, 

Halotherapy (salt therapy)

Bemer therapy (PEMF)

 Medical-Grade LED therapy

To help support your bodies natural ability to heal and reduce physiological stress.

£249 per session

First Session: £149

Connected Written Energy Analysis + Guidance

A written report in any langauge.


I will provide you with a comprehensive written report of your main issues from reading your own energy map. 


I will then provide you with energy tools and/or nutritional guidance to help you overcome your issues, at your own pace.


Please note, any health related topics are not intended to treat, diagnose or replace any form of medical or healthcare professional advice. 


£449 per report, including consultation



Connect With Me

Siobhan McManus

N11, London

Tel: +44 7388185933


Thank you, you will receive a reply within 48 hours.

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