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Meet Siobhan



How the Connected Angel began...


The name, The Connected Angel is a sentiment to  both my clients and teachers; I connect, heal and am guided by divine sources. 

Through the way I work with my clients and the energy I bring to my sessions, I believe this why they call me their angel or guardian angel.

I have had teachers and mentors over the years who have taken the time to help me grow as a healer, whom have also said my energetic expression is angelic. an archangel or that my roots are angelically based. 


Either way, when I am connected, I will seek guidance or healing from the angels or God. From my own personal experience, I know this is the most powerful and purest source of healing energy.

I also heal with love and compassion for the person I am working with, because I genuinely care for their wellbeing.




Who I have helped...


For the last 9 years , I have helped directly, as a consultant to other healers and during training; 


Entertainers, politicians, animals, athletes, teachers, other healers, CEO’s and children overcome debilitating and life-threatening diseases, sports injuries.


Those who have had relationship, financial, business and  couples with fertility issues, even when IVF treatments has been unsuccessful.

People with chronic illness such as muscular dystrophy, lyme disease, cancer, heart disease. 

I have helped many people from all walks of life from situations or circumstances where they have felt helpless, powerless or afraid. transform their lives heal and reconnect to their true selves. 

Siobhan McManus

Siobhan McManus

Holistic Health and Energy Consultant


How I work...


After your initial 15 min free consultation, we will have our session either online (Zoom, Skype or phone) or in person for 50 minutes.

I will follow up with notes from our session and suggestions to help support you on your healing journey. 

In person sessions are held in my wellness kitchen, with filtered water, organic tea, organic fruit or other snacks available. You will also have the opportunity to choose two of the following treatments: Bemer (PEMF) therapy (2x 8 minute rounds), a 20 minute LED + NIRor 40 minutes relaxing in the  full-spectrum infrared sauna (Please note that each client has a one hour time slot to use any of the complimentary treatments after their coaching session. 

If you have any health issues or you are unsure, please check with your doctor or GP before using any of the complimentary treatments. 

Email support is offered between sessions., if you have any questions. 

I am not a doctor, nor do I try to position myself as one. I work alongside health professionals and will always leave you to make your own choices, my suggestions are based on what I see, feel or hear when I am connected to see what is causing your issue beyond the physical. 

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