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Siobhan is an angel. I mean that in every sense of the word. 

She has the gift to uncover the root causes of any physical, metaphysical, emotional, spiritual or mental issue you might be facing and guides you with a firm, yet patient hand to break free of any limitations others set for you or you have (unwillingly) set up yourself. 
She is the number one coach I recommend to work with, no matter if you’re a practitioner and would like to go beyond physical healing or if you feel the need to let go of anything holding you back from achieving your true goals in life. 
Siobhan is exceptional beyond all means.

V.J. Graphic Designer, BE

At my absolute lowest, you were there for me. 

It is amazing what kind of invisible bond you manage to develop with people in an incredibly short time. 
You managed to be there for me when I was partly fearing for my whole being and everything I ever believed in. 
I felt like dying and I was really really really scared. Your presence, even from a distance, was so unbelievably important. I remember you giving me this healing prayer. 
I am quite a skeptic when it comes to energy healing, because I feel you need to believe in it in order to be able to help you. 
I don’t know if I believed in the energy or your healing presence, but it helped immensely. I think your are amazing if you manage to give this feeling to other people.

I sometimes think you are too good for the world. 

T.W. CCO & Marketing, VA

 Sometimes in life, you meet people who have a positive impact on you, some who change your life and then some people who truly transform your life. 

Working with Siobhan has by far been one of the most transformational experiences of my life over the years.

She has a wide variety of expertise , and knows how to move, shift and change energy like nobody I have ever met. Her guidance on any and all issues I have turned out to be spot on time and time again.

There was a time when I may have been skeptical about this kind of work, but results rule, and her results have blown my mind away time and time again. I go to Siobhan for any physical, mental , emotional or even spiritual challenge I face, and she never fails.

E.C. Motivational Speaker, VIE

G.F. Military Major, VIE

What can I say about this angel... She is powerful, she is a great healer and she has always helped me.

Even though it took a while for me to see results, I knew she could help me so I did not give up. We had a major breakthrough a month later, like a miracle had happened!

She has helped me beat personal running records as an athlete, overcome long standing issues with my body and trauma from working in the military. 

I would not hesitate to book a session with Siobhan (or Speedy as I call her because she works so fast), everyone needs an angel in his or her life!

K.B. Shaolin Monk, BR

As a Shaolin Monk and Physician I know what is possible in the medical and healing worlds. I was diagnosed with deadly form of blood poisoning from a liver malfunction. The hospital had extinguished all options. I was prepared to die and would miss the birth of my daughter.

 I myself only was capable of doing in person healing of patients at the hospitals were I worked. Siobhan did all of her work under the guidance of her mentor from a distance.

We met in person before where she was told to heal me without prior indication of having abilities and saw she was a very powerful healer who could see a lot of things, I was surprised how quickly she could learn how to use her abilities to heal others.

M.D. Solicitor, LND

When I first started working with Siobhan, I was not particularly open to energy healing but she was recommended to me via a mutual friend. 

From working with her, I was blown away by the accuracy of the issues I was experiencing and how quickly she managed to resolve them.

I distinctly remember one time when I messaged her about my knee pain whilst I was out for lunch and she managed to clear it before I reached my office! 

Overall, it has been an absolute pleasure working with Siobhan and I am forever grateful for all of the work she has done for myself and family. 

I wholeheartedly recommend her (and have) to anyone who needs something beyond the conventional to help them.. 

Siobhan helped me to bring deep mental, emotional and behavioral patterns to the surface of my own consciousness. Most of what she told me I already knew - what was a relief and a proof that I’m already on track and a very good evidence for her „knowing“ and connection with God because she couldn’t have known before. Also there were information she was given me I absolutely had no clue of (past lives and esp. with regards to my body like proteins, healthy fats affecting my hormon system, candida) and that are fundamentally significant to my life. 

She is very, very sweet, polite and kind - I never felt judged or exploited for my money. I felt that she wanted to give me the best help in the given moment and she never hesitated repeating important messages for me as I tend to ignore or suppress unpleasant informations about me and my life.

Whenever I get the opportunity to I refer people to her because she has the real insights that we all need instead of just changing the world around us. The knows about the root cause of problems and that is something I always strive for in my life and as a scorpio. Much love to all of you who are truth seekers.

C.H. Holistic Vet, FL

I use many solutions when working with my equine clients horses; acupuncture, chiropractic, herbs, homeopathy and other alternative modalities.

I ask Siobhan who I know from a mutual friend for her opinion at times when diagnostics and other options haven’t revealed the problem or remedied the symptoms.

Her ability to see things with the owners, support staff, environment, service providers, riders and horse is invaluable.

L.D. Former Rank 26 Tennis Player, FL

Siobhan has challenged me to grow and to be the best version of myself in every aspect of my life. she's given me a toolbox that enables me to shed my old skin and anything that was holding me back from being the best version of myself. In times of need when I felt that I was breaking down before a match or during training, she was there for me as a coach and an angelic presence in my life..

J.K. WhisperingJaneASMR, BE

S.R. Hip&Healthy, LDN

“I’ve  never done energy healing before but it’s amazing to see how intuitively and powerfully Siobhan “The Connected Angel" works. 

She has such a kind and calming personality and her wellness garden and infrared sauna was relaxing and having a fountain in front was a very thoughtful touch.

Overall, she is a pleasure to work with!

S.H. FunctMedicine Coach, LDN 

I worked with Siobhan extensively over the years and her suggestions had helped me overcome Lyme-related symptoms, helping me to regulate my nervous system and brain inflammation issues, her guidance has helped me help others and the way she works has really inspired how I help my own clients in my practice. 



A.N. Medical Director, VIE

A feeling of deep respect towards your soul, your story and the overall truth;

unobtrusive guidance and

an overwhelming feeling of love and hope.  That's what I experienced in every moment when working with Siobhan!

It is like having a light shining your way in order to see more and to keep you warm on your personal journey!

I am forever grateful meeting this outstanding, kind and caring person, who sends out rays of love and light to help you heal and grow. 

B.K. Cre8tive Resources, LND

Initially I worked with Siobhan because I know her as a health coach. She helped me a lot with my diet, stress and finding a work-life balance when I was getting my business off the ground.

I had an operation on my knee a few years ago that started to cause me pain. This is where Siobhan's skills really took me by surprise. within minutes my pain went from an 8/10 and not being able to stand, to a 0! I am not into this energy thing but whatever she did truly worked! 

As an entrepreneur myself I think she has something special, her infrared sauna, halo therapy (which I used when I had a chest infection) are a real treat after her sessions. She's a really kind and non-judgemental person and I am grateful with all of the help she has given me! 

I also used her wealth of knowledge on a wellness calendar project, which received great feedback from my clients. 

A.S. Train Driver, MK

I don't know how exactly Siobhan does what she does, but she is amazing! She helped me clear my ongoing back pain form an injury at work in a matter of minutes, she has always been there for me in my time of need when I have experienced intense stress in my life and I feel her loving support and healing whenever she works on me. Whether it's a headache, an emotional issue or physical, she is my go to girl! Truly an angel, thank you for everything! x

N.I. Band Manager, MEL

I have worked with many healers in the past but Siobhan's accuracy in her readings and her compassion never fails to astound me! 

She has helped me through extremely traumatic times in my life where I felt that I couldn't cope. 

I always felt her presence when she worked on me and I felt wrapped up in a warm loving and protective blanket. 

I have met healers in the past who have abused their position of power or exploited their skills. I have never felt this way with Siobhan, she genuinely cares and it shows. 

B.K. Managing Director, JHB

Such an intuitive, powerful young woman. Her help during my times of need has been invaluable, from my business to my family and beyond, I know I can depend on her intuitive insights and powerful healing capabilities. 

L.L. Chateau Owner, BA

I hosted holistic retreats at my

Chateau in  Otteveny, Bratislava where I met Siobhan. She is such a beautiful, smiling soul who radiates beautiful energy wherever she goes. 

She helped those who attended my retreats under the guidance of her mentor at the time, 

I heard very positive feedback about her abilities and witnessed her growth throughout her time there. Over the retreats she has helped Shaolin Monks, other healers, doctors and even Shamans!

The healers who have met her always said how powerful she was (I know because I was the translator.) 

I saw such a sweet and shy little girl grow up into a powerful young lady over the years. I wish her all the best and know her clients will be in the best hands. 

D.N. Therapist, LND

Very intuitive and great listener. I found her to be very compassionate and empathetic when I was at my lowest. Never judged and not condescending as I've experienced in the past with therapists. 

Initially when energy healing wasn't working for me, she found a way for me to access healing through tapping and it was amazing how she adapted to help me create a real shift and release the energy I held onto for so long! 

S.M. CEO & Coach, FL

Siobhan has literally saved my life on more than one occasion. Her unique skillset as an angelic visionary and healer has been invaluable as a consultant to my clients and colleagues, helping them rise above and heal from their pain, injuries, diseases, trauma, issues in business, Siobhan is truly God's gift to the world. 

She's not only helped my entire family on more than one occasion, I've said it before but I truly feel she will become a household name in the healing community. 

I trust her energetic eyes and have always said she is the greatest healer on the planet and would recommend her (and have) to anyone that wishes to transform their existence! 

C.C Anaesthetist, ZR

Before meeting Siobhan, I struggled

with habitual patterns that I've

tried to overcome countless times, but no matter how hard I tried, I always fell back into them. 

From our very first session, Siobhan impressed me with her ability to listen closely and analyse accurately. Through her coaching I was able to get a deep understanding of myself and why I wasn’t able to reach my goals. Since then, with Siobhan’s help and guidance, I have been finally able to break through old patterns and grow into the right direction. I feel mentally and physically the healthiest, strongest and overall happiest I’ve ever been. I am incredibly thankful for her constant support and giving me the strength to change my life!”

G.F. Military Major, VIE

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